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School Security Systems

Security is seldom more important than in educational settings. A range of undesirable behaviours and situations which threaten safeguarding need to be identified, prevented and detected.


iC2 is a specialist in school security and CCTV. We have significant experience in designing, installing and maintaining systems for educational environments. This means we have a highly developed understanding of your needs to prioritise the safety of staff and students and carrying out installation work with as little disruption as possible.

We can upgrade your current network to bring you the latest technologies or redo your whole network from scratch, depending on your school’s needs. On top of that we can improve your existing CCTV footage, saving you time and money in the long run.

Why choose iC2 for your school’s security?  

Our systems help you to not only improve your security with monitoring, but also your operational and health and safety measures, too, so you can keep track of staff, vehicles on the premises and who is coming in and out of the school gates.

  • All iC2 staff DB (disclosure and barring) checked
  • Upgrade your existing system, saving time and costs
  • Full service and integration
  • Minimal disruption to your school when installing

Run Hide Tell:
Getting outside or inside of school buildings quickly

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Our guide, ‘Run Hide Tell: Getting outside or inside of school buildings quickly’, discusses how to enhance the capability for rapid evacuation and invacuation, and achieve ‘lockdown’ to secure a school site.

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What are the options?

As well as upgrading your existing camera network we can integrate your entire security system and any additional measures, such as intruder alarms for schools, that are appropriate for creating a safer learning environment in your school. All systems will be controlled from one common operations system, making it easy to administer and manage. Below is a list of additional security measures we offer.


CCTV is a cornerstone of security in today’s schools. The performance of the latest generation of cameras means they are unobtrusive while highly capable. Networking with secure Wi-Fi means they can be installed and linked with other integrated security elements faster and with less disruption than ever before.


Analytics is a software technology which automates monitoring and detection of suspicious or undesired behaviours and alerts people responsible for site security so that appropriate action can be taken to deal with the situation.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is in widespread use to control and track vehicle movements. For schools, ANPR offers the ability to automate vehicle entry and exit barriers so that only permitted vehicles are able to transit on and off the site as required. It also alerts to the presence of vehicles on your watchlist.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring lets schools hand over the task of checking for undesired behaviour by delegating the task to a specialist team. The service is 24/7 and guarantees that an appropriate response can be initiated immediately for any security event, including fire and burglar alarm activation.

Access control

Access Control enables entry and exit through doors, gates and barriers to be controlled in line with school policies. Verification of entry and exit can be achieved by cross referencing CCTV coverage. Master control of all access points supports the need to manage situations where evacuation, invacuation and ‘lockdown’ may be required.


Gates and barriers come in a variety of sizes and formats for controlling the movement of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. For schools, safety is the most important aspect because automated gates and barriers are essentially powered machinery and are capable of causing serious injury.

Schools Security Calculator:
Is your school high, medium or low risk?

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Our guide ‘Schools security calculator: Is your school high, medium or low risk?’ enables the identification of the security risks to schools and the right countermeasures to put in place.

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Fire alarms

School fires pose a significant risk and fire safety is a matter of compliance. Fire alarms and good fire safety management is an area schools should only entrust to security and fire safety experts presenting the highest credentials, in terms of accreditation and training and with a track record of creating safer learning environments.

Intruder alarms

Given their large scale and multiple building nature, school sites are vulnerable to burglary. Today’s technology enabled classrooms are home to a significant amount of expensive equipment. School intruder alarms and integrated systems such as PA systems and remote monitoring services minimise the threat of burglary and theft.

Rising bollards

Less obtrusive and able to restrict vehicles while enabling the free movement of pedestrians, rising bollards are highly effective integrated security elements. Operation can be automated, or they can be manually operated using electronic key fobs, swipe cards and biometric fingerprint readers.

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Who have we worked with?

  • Leigh Academy, Kent
  • Acton High School, London
  • Rushcroft School, London
  • Orpington College, Kent
  • NCYPE, Surrey – (Special educational needs)
  • American School
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