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School intruder alarms

Create safer learning environments with iC2 school intruder alarm solutions

Schools are highly vulnerable and are often seen as soft targets by organised and petty criminals. Sprawling school sites, which are often deserted out of hours, are also likely to be hangouts for disaffected youth, gangs and targets of vandals.

School intruder alarms help to secure schools against trespass of the grounds and unauthorised access to buildings by forced entry. Damage to school property is a common occurrence. Arson remains a favourite way of creating serious damage, perhaps even making a site unusable and disrupting the curriculum.

One of the focal points of the school curriculum is to prepare future generations for technology and equip pupils and students with the skills to prosper in the digitally enabled businesses of tomorrow. Consequently, classrooms at all levels of education are now playing host to increasingly sophisticated and expensive digital technology tools.

From LCD flat screen TVs and laptops in classrooms linked to projectors and digital whiteboards, through to ICT suites and libraries where scores of desktop computers may be installed, CCTV school intruder alarms help to make sure teaching the curriculum sticks to the timetable by preventing ICT equipment from being taken or damaged.

Science and technology suites may have valuable technology assets for learning and research. Robotics and other advanced digital technologies are being explored in secondary schools across the UK. Colleges and higher education may possess state of the art technology as a result of relationships with leading technology firms. iC2 school intruder alarm solutions are equally effective when deployed in colleges and higher education.

School intruder alarms help to ensure that such assets are always available for the educational purposes for which they are intended. Good school intruder alarms prevent theft and vandalism by persons gaining unauthorised access to school buildings out of hours when the site is vacant.

Centralised monitoring services, approved by Police and leading security accreditation and standards organisations are an invaluable element in creating a truly effective school intruder alarm solution.

When integrated with CCTV and fire alarm systems, and linked to approved monitoring services, school intruder alarms allow timely and appropriate response by Police or Fire and Rescue services to activations and alerts.

iC2 is the security partner of choice for installing and maintaining integrated security and school intruder alarms for state schools, such as Acton High School in West London, and prestige private educational establishments, such as Tonbridge School in Kent.

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