COVID-19 Body Temperature Detection Systems & Thermal Imaging CCTV

COVID-19 Body Temperature Detection Systems And Thermal Imaging CCTV

High performance and accuracy Body Temperature Detection to support COVID-19 workplace infection control and health and safety workplace monitoring.

iC2 Body Temperature Detection solutions provide the capability to monitor entrances or other points of convergence to identify people with above normal body temperature.
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Managing COVID-19 workplace infection risks

All employers need to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19. This needs to be fully integrated with the legal responsibilities of protecting workers and others from risk to their health and safety. One of the key tactics to prevent the occupational spread of COVID-19 is to monitor for people who may be infected with the disease at entrances to the workplace.

Body Temperature Detection system

The iC2 Body Temperature Detection CCTV solution utilises the Videcon Concept Pro Body Temperature Detection System.

This has the capability to scan 40 people at once, to an accuracy of plus or minus 0.3 degrees centigrade, providing excellent protection.

Superior performance and accuracy compared with budget systems

  • Detects face temperature for more accurate measurements
  • Accurate detection inside, or in outside, all-weather conditions
  • Stops false readings, such as a person carrying a hot drink
  • Fast response time and able to measure up to 40 people at once
  • No need for people to file through entry points in single file
  • Support for multiple workplace entry points
  • Rapid installation, integration and support services from iC2

Configured to your specific needs and rapidly installed

  • Whether you have a single entrance, or a site with multiple access points, the Body Temperature Detection camera is scalable for your specific needs.
  • iC2’s rapid installation and commissioning services means your business can be quickly protected from the threat of COVID-19 infection.
  • The system operates as a standalone solution, or readily integrates with your existing security systems using industry-standard interface technologies.


Where Concept Pro Body Temperature Detection CCTV is used

Body Temperature Detection CCTV for transport hubs

Airports are complex, high footfall transport hubs where Concept Pro is used to identify people with high body temperatures. Venice International Airport deployed 15 cameras to monitor international arrivals.

Body Temperature Detection CCTV for critical infrastructure

Monitoring an entire transport system demonstrates the scalability of Concept Pro. Fuzhou Metro currently serves a city of 8 million people with 43 stations. 200 Concept Pro cameras detect body temperatures in areas of fast moving traffic in the Fuzhou subway system.

Body Temperature Detection CCTV in large buildings

Large, commercial office buildings have significant volumes of workers and visitors throughout the day. An Italian insurance company deployed 6 Concept Pro cameras to monitor the temperature of people walking into a large commercial building.

Body Temperature Detection CCTV for healthcare

Hospitals are high-risk environments. 50 Concept Pro cameras were deployed in Beijing Cai Hospital to help staff reduce the amount of physical contact with potentially infectious patients. Rather than focusing on checkpoints, multiple installations allow for more casual monitoring.

Body Temperature Detection CCTV for events & sport

Events held inside venues or in open spaces or rural settings have high footfall, reducing the ability for effective social distancing. Sports, venues and similar locations can be effectively screened for people with high body temperature with Concept Pro.

Body Temperature Detection CCTV for factories & construction

Construction and factory sites pose risks to workers, especially where operatives have to work in close proximity or as teams. Concept Pro enables construction and factories to monitor access, as well as areas where workers queue or gather, such as catering, toilets and rest.

Get a Body Temperature Detection solution installed fast

The Concept Pro system offers vastly superior performance, reliability and accuracy compared to budget CCTV-based systems or hand scanners.

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