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Your security network should allow you to know what’s happening on your site and monitor everything that’s taking place, whether you’re there or not. Analytics provide this and more, making your cameras smarter by accurately identifying people, vehicles such as cars and lorries and even boats by comparing an object’s appearance and motion.

Having an extensive camera network can be difficult to monitor as it’s hard to have your eyes on all cameras at one time. Video analytics help make your security easier to manage by alerting you as soon as irregular activity happens on your site, instead of every time it senses any motion, like more traditional solutions such as video motion detector systems.
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How does analytics work?

Analytics works much like a digital guard, watching over your cameras and alerting you as soon as something suspicious occurs on your site. Your analytics can look into a variety of different things via your cameras such as tailgaters coming through barriers, or staff members who seem to be inactive when there should be motion, and enable you to make the most out of your security network.

These systems are automated, allowing you get on with your day, responsive, so you can leave the site knowing you’ll be alerted as soon as an event occurs, and fast, allowing you to warn away an intruder using an audio loudspeaker before a serious incident happens.

Why choose analytics?

After 22 minutes guards monitoring cameras miss up to 95% of all activity, analytics monitors 100% of all activity 100% of the time. It also captures information on suspicious or criminal activity better, improving your chances of a successful prosecution. In addition to making the most out of security systems and providing you with peace of mind, analytics can offer a range of additional features such as:

  • Missing object detection
  • Graffiti warnings using audio loudspeakers
  • Loitering alerts
  • Crowd monitoring
  • Tailgating alarms
  • Abandoned bag detection

What are the benefits of analytics?

  • Better use of your cameras
  • 100% of all activity monitored
  • 99% detection accuracy
  • Alerts from anywhere in the world
  • Real-time remote viewing

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