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iC2 is a one-stop-shop and partner for Avigilon award-winning HD video surveillance and access control solutions. Avigilon empowers security teams with industry-leading technology and software with solution elements such as CCTV cameras, Avigilon encoding servers, and access control door readers.

Avigilon CCTV solutions enable you to incorporate the latest HD cameras with your existing system. Importantly, Avigilon has developed encoding technology that upgrades existing analogue cameras. This enables you to preserve your current investment and enables all imaging to be integrated with the output of new cameras as well as the latest digital monitoring, recording and analytical and image enhancement solutions.

The convergence of security with IT creates a headache for IT and security service providers and the security and IT functions of large organisations. Sometimes IT doesn’t want to get into the specialised complexities of CCTV; sometimes security doesn’t want to get ensnared in those of IT. As an Avigilon partner iC2 provides the expertise to ensure Avigilon solutions are designed, installed and maintained appropriately, in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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Avigilon CCTV & iC2 World-Class Security Solutions

iC2 provides the expertise to deliver world-class security solutions for public organisations and commercial enterprises of every size.

iC2 security Risk Assessment and analysis provide the essential information we need to consult with you on your security needs. We develop detailed plans, proposals and quotes for Avigilon IP networked CCTV security systems to address the vulnerabilities identified in the Risk Assessment.

Our skilled project and technical team install your Avigilon solution to the highest standards and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. All work is conducted in compliance with all applicable standards to ensure the health and safety of your employees, visitors, members of the public as well as our engineers.

To ensure your Avigilon CCTV security solution continues to deliver the performance required to keep your people, premises and property safe, we offer a high standard of maintenance and support services backed by the SLA (Service Level Agreement) appropriate to your organisation. Our close relationship with Avigilon means we have access to the right channels to escalate issues and resolve issues quickly.

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Avigilon state-of-the-art CCTV technology

Avigilon provides these powerful features

  • Video surveillance with unparalleled image detail
  • Preserve existing investment with Avigilon analog video encoding
  • Remote viewing and Avigilon Control Center (ACC)
  • Avigilon Control Center: The industry’s easiest to use software
  • An open platform built for easy integration

Summary of Avigilon HD camera, server and monitoring CCTV benefits

  • Superior image quality utilising progressive scan and mega pixel technologies
    • Actively identify persons of interest with clear identification of facial features
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Consolidated systems mean lower costs with fewer cameras required
    • Wireless IP networking reduces installation time, disruption and costs
  • Flexible and easy to upgrade to suit future requirements
  • Allows for better integration with other security systems
Take the first step to transforming your security system today. Choose iC2 for your Avigilon state-of-the-art CCTV security solution.   Please contact us to discuss how an Avigilon HD camera, server and monitoring CCTV solution improves security to better protect people, property and places. Simply call: 020 3747 1800 or email: info@ic2cctv.com or fill out our request a quote form. Request a Quote