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Better security with iC2 HD CCTV installation services

CCTV has been around since 1942. However, until relatively recently low resolution and grainy images mean it has been of limited capability. It is only since digitisation started to change the industry in 1997 that CCTV began to evolve to become the powerful security tool that it is today.

The latest generation of HD CCTV cameras and associated video recording, storage and software analytics solutions make CCTV the most potent element in any integrated solution designed for protecting people, property and places.

HD CCTV installation with PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) capability enables sophisticated monitoring in real time. HD CCTV imaging that is stored on Network Video Recorders (NVR) can be instantly analysed by software that has been configured to identify actions which break security policies. CCTV monitoring staff can be alerted automatically by the software.

The capability and flexibility afforded by HD CCTV installation may also be enhanced further when wirelessly enabled with IP (Internet Protocol). IP equipped cameras transmit video images to centralised networked recording and monitoring services. Wireless technologies derived from cellular mobile phone networking allows networked HD CCTV installations to cover remote sites such as the perimeters of rural businesses, farms and country estates.

HD CCTV may be deployed in a number of ways. Firstly older analogue cameras can be upgraded or replaced. Secondly the versatility and flexibility of HD CCTV cameras with PTZ and IP mean that several legacy CCTV cameras might be able to be replaced with fewer HD CCTV cameras. This consolidation of security system infrastructure means that when viewed through the lens of Total Cost of Ownership,(TCO), HD CCTV may reduce the budget required to install, maintain and operate an integrated security system.

Applied to HD CCTV installations, software analytics is now able to do more than just alert operators to breaches of security policy. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition software applications enable vehicles and individuals to be identified. This can be applied to work with integrated security solutions. Authorised vehicles can be allowed access through gates and barriers, and the identity of someone using an access control code to enter a building can be verified.

iC2 HD CCTV installation methodology follows industry best practice. Security assessment  identifies the risks and gap analysis enables design of an integrated security system to provide the appropriate level of protection. Wiring for power and video (if required) is installed and cameras positioned so as to be safe from tampering and mounted firmly to the building or mast.

The HD CCTV installation process is carried out in line with all applicable health and safety requirements and guidelines of the HSE. A networked HD CCTV installation is then commissioned and handed over to the customer. iC2 supports every system with an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) designed to reflect the degree to which any issue impacts protection.
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